Technical Support

In order to get the best possible enjoyment from, we recommend the following minimum configuration:

- A Fast desktop or laptop PC running Windows 7 or better, OR, a fast Apple Mac desktop or Laptop running the latest OS/X.
- Speakers, Headphones or Headset for sound
- Any modern browser such as Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
- Latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Get it here

A high speed Internet connection of at least 2 Megabits per second download, and 500 kilobits per second upload is recommended. The faster the Internet connection the better. Most streams from are broadcast at about 200kb/s (450kb/s for HD).

If you are using wifi: WiFi connections are very suseptable to packet loss which reduces speed. The further you are away from your Wifi router, the slower your connection will be. To make sure your connection is as fast as possible with WiFi, move closer to your router.

2 Way video Problems

1. Click on VIP Chat to start a private chat between you and your chat model of course.
2. Click the 2-Way video chat tab.
3. Click ALLOW when the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog appears.
4. Select the camera and microphone you have from the drop-down list.
5. Click on START SENDING. Your video and audio are now being broadcast to the chat model. Click STOP SENDING to turn your camera and mic off.
6. Click on END CHAT to end your session.

2Way Video requrires that you have a webcam and microphone connected to your computer. To avoid echo, we strongly suggest that you use headphones or headset.

If chat model cannot hear you, stop sending and try again, this time making sure you selected the right microphone or audio input device. Make your sure mic is not muted and that your mic volume is turned up. Windows users can find the micro volume in the audio properties of Windows. Mac users can find audio settings in System Preferences.

If chat model cannot see you:

Stop sending video and try again and double-check that you selected the right camera. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Make sure your Internet connection is fast enough.